Monday, October 28, 2013

New Glasses

My ophthalmologist was pretty surprised when he learned how long it had been since I lost my glasses. "What have you been doing? Just winging it?" he asked. Well, yes, sorta. I thought I was seeing fine, but reading was becoming a problem. After some discussion, we agreed that two pairs of glasses would be best, one for reading and one for driving.

The reading glasses arrived last week. It took some adjustment for me, but I am constantly surprised by how different things look through the new lenses! Reading is SO much easier.

Today, the driving glasses finally arrived. These are the glasses of my dreams! I was shocked by how clear everything looks. Even colors look clearer and brighter. I can hardly believe it. As I was driving home wearing my new glasses I kept thinking about how much more I can see and how much safer I am as a driver with them. 

I've also begun to ponder the "eyes of my heart", and wish there were corrective lenses for them, as well. I don't know what they would look like, but I imagine they would give me perfect insight and understanding into every situation.  I would be able to recognize God's hand at work in my life, understand the reason other people act the way they do, and know exactly what to do in every situation. Wow. I really need this third pair of glasses. Alas, no such eyeglasses for the heart exist. 

The question of spiritual sight has been around for millennia. We want to see to believe, but the apostle Paul told the Corinthians "For we walk by faith, not by sight"- (2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB). How frustrating! Not only are there no spiritual eye glasses, but also there is no chance of any. We are supposed to obey without seeing. 

Centuries before, the Psalmist also struggled with this problem of spiritual sight. He came to a very astute understanding of the issue. "I see your love, and I live by your truth," he wrote. (Psalms 26:3 NCV) The evidence of God at work in his life and in the world around him was all the seeing he needed. Hmmm. Looking around for evidence of God is supposed to be enough to help me obey. That seems simple enough, doesn't it? 

Maybe the two new pairs of glasses will be enough, after all.