Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Rain

“Hey mom can you believe this?  In three seconds it started raining.”  Ryan was incredulous.  “When I walked outside to get the cat’s bowl, it wasn’t raining.  When I walked back out with his food, it was.  Can you believe it could start raining so fast?”  I laughed.  “Yes, Ryan I really can believe it.  I think God likes to work fast like that sometimes.  Do you know what Proverbs says?”  I asked.  “It says that people who are doing wrong will be broken in a moment.  Just as quick as that.  God will let them keep doing bad things for a while, but when they least expect, he will move and break them.”  “Break?  Like a broken glass?”  He laughed as he thought about how that would look.  “No Ryan, not like a glass.  He means that the consequences of the wrong they’ve done will come when they least expect it.   They will be thinking, ‘This didn’t get me in trouble after all.’  They will think the wrong things didn’t really matter.  As fast as can be, they will find out it did matter in the end.”  

“There’s another time God said he would act fast.  Jesus said that He would come back “in a twinkling of an eye”.  As fast as you can blink He’ll come back and we’ll be changed and go to heaven with Him.  That’s why it’s so important to do right.  I sure don’t want to be doing wrong when he comes, do you?”  “Me either,” he agreed.

What about you?  Are you choosing to do what’s right or what’s wrong?  Have you been doing wrong so long that it seems like the only way?  That your actions don’t really matter? Does it seem you’ve “gotten away with” your choices?  Maybe you need to rethink that.  God says that, when we least expect it, the consequences of wrong choices will come.  We won’t like them, but it will be too late.  

Maybe you’ve begun to think that relief will never come.  Maybe you’re in a hard time that seems as if it will never end.  Does it seem as if all God’s promises are on hold?  As if He will never move for you?  Just hold on a little longer.  As fast as the blink of an eye, He can move.  One day, He’ll come back for His children.  Don’t despair.  When you least expect it, as fast as can be, you’ll be going home.   Are you ready for the trip?