Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unexpected Thanksgiving #1

The post this morning about Nazareth Hearts that only want to see and receive miracles has been on my mind all day. A Nazareth heart was not at all attractive to Jesus, and I certainly don't want to be like that. I want a grateful heart that finds a blessing in every trial. 

With that in mind, I have had to try harder than usual to keep a happy, grateful heart. My Mac computer has been in a mess since last night. I can't begin to explain the problem but, in a nutshell, a critical program quit working. I needed to delete that program and reinstall it. To do that I had to delete another program and reinstall it in order to install a new program so that I can reinstall the program that failed. Confusing, huh? It's been frustrating, too, but I've managed to keep my cool and find things about which to be grateful all day long. 

Here's the list, in no particular order:
- Computer Universe was my first stop. They couldn't help, but everyone agreed they would be frustrated in my situation and their compassion helped quite a bit. They did try but couldn't fix the problem.  
- Since Computer Universe couldn't help, they didn't charge me. I'd have willingly paid them because they were so nice, but I was glad for the savings. 
- I have spoken with Apple representatives off and on all day. John, Doug, Tim, and two other guys whose names I've forgotten (so sorry) were ALL super nice. They were not only apologetic, they commiserated with my misery AND assured me that they would keep trying until they had my problem fixed. I can't begin to say enough about how kind they were. 
- Even better, everyone I talked with at Apple spoke fluent English. I don't mind accents and English as a second language. People have been incredibly patient with me when I was the one attempting a second language, so I try to be patient, too. I was just glad that extra patience wasn't required today. 
- The first time I tried to reinstall the operating system, my computer told me it would take 208 hours and 42 minutes. I was not at all surprised. I do live in Rural northeast Mississippi, and my internet is not the fastest. It was a wonderful surprise, however, when my second attempt (well maybe my forty-second attempt) took considerably less time than that. 
- I had lots of errands to run today and, since the temperature was wonderfully cool, Maggie rode along. There is nothing better than Maggie as a riding companion. Everything is exciting and wonderful to her (and, therefore, to me)
- Since she was groomed Thursday, I had a nice smelling companion for errands, which is definitely a plus. 
- I arrived home with 500 pounds of feed to unload and Bill (who helps me on the farm) was at the barn! He unloaded all the feed so I didn't have to do it!! Hooray! 
-Pillsbury now makes gluten-free pizza dough in a tub, so I had a super yummy GF Gruyere, Romano, arugula, chicken, and prosciutto pizza for supper. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Delicious!! 
- To top it all off, we move the clock back an hour tonight! Extra sleep is a super wonderful thing!!

The funny thing is that, despite the frustrating difficulties with my computer (which have delayed uploading my new e-book to Amazon by two days at least), I have had wonderful blessings all day and I actually have a grateful heart. It's amazing. I chose to have a grateful heart and, in the end, that's what I've had. 

It's become a Facebook tradition to list something every day in November for which you are grateful. This month, I hope to take it a little further. I will be looking for the opportunity to give thanks in unexpected places. Why don't you try that, too?  Let me know how it goes! I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!