Sunday, October 27, 2013

Restoring Vision (Luke 4:18)

"...He has sent Me to proclaim ... recovery of sight to the blind... (Luke 4:18 NASB)

A few weeks ago, the struggle to read what wasn't clear finally wore me out. I had five pairs of "readers," but couldn't read out of any of them. Everything looked blurred and indistinct. I called for an appointment with my ophthalmologist and, amazingly, they had just had a cancellation for later that day. The doctor was  surprised that I had been struggling so long without glasses, because the need for correction of my vision was so significant. When the glasses finally arrived, I put then on, expecting to see much clearer. "What???" I thought. I couldn't see anything clearly. Letters and words had a fuzzy halo and, for some odd reason, looked like they were dancing. "Good grief! This is worse than without them. I can't see with these!" I exclaimed. I wanted to cry (but didn't). I could not believe how much money I'd spent to see less instead of better.  Back at the office, Louise, my nurse reassured me. I would adjust and be able to see before long, she promised, and she was right. Over the next two days, my eyes adjusted to the correction, and now I am surprised by how much clearer I see when I put them on. The print looks darker and every letter is clear.  

Spiritual sight is like that, too. God told Ezekiel, "You live in the midst of the rebellious house, who have eyes to see but do not see..." (Ezk 12:2) Rebellion against God causes clear vision to be unclear, and can lead to spiritual blindness.  We may see truth all around us, but we can't recognize it. The rebellion and spiritual blindness of the people in Ezekiel's time resulted in captivity, and it still does today. Some of our prodigals are captive to alcohol or drugs, but they are all captive in their rebellion, just as we once were. Only Jesus can set them free and restore their spiritual sight. 

Recovery of sight is not always instant. Sometimes Jesus restored vision instantly, but sometimes He used a second touch to "fine tune" the vision. With both ways, He made the blind to see.

Paul said that we see dimly now, but one day we will be "face to face" with Christ, and all will be made clear. Our vision will not just be corrected, it will be made perfect. 

Today, pray that our Lord will move us closer to that perfected vision He promises, and that our children and loved ones will experience the healing touch of Christ that restores their sight and "makes the blind to see".