Monday, December 9, 2013

Maggie and the new floor

All the action in the kitchen has totally disrupted Maggie the Wonder Dog's usual domain. Bill the Magnificent has been laying the new flooring, and everything from the kitchen has been moved to the great room, including Maggie's bed, her feed bowl, and her water bowl. Our house is a wreck!  Maggie has adjusted nicely, as any Wonder Dog would. 

There has been one little problem, however. Maggie usually goes out the back door to "do her business."  That little foray outside is VERY important to me. Well, it's probably pretty important to Maggie, too. Getting the business done in the proper place is, of course, essential for maintaining Wonder Dog status. Here's where the problem comes in. Maggie has been very suspicious of the subflooring where the previous tile was removed. In fact, she looks at it, woofs, and sits down. She is not taking one step into what she considers treacherous territory. No matter how much she needs (or wants) to go outside, she is not moving. She is set like a stone until I pick her up, carry her past the scary place, and get her on solid, comfortable ground. 

For a dog who eagerly tackles a herd of cows and moves them all around, this is really out of character, and I haven't quite known what to think about it. As the days have passed, though, I've begun to appreciate her caution. She could have charged ahead, been completely in the way, and delayed progress considerably. Instead, she's been careful and cautious,  steering clear of the work, and making herself at home in her new area. 

We could probably learn a few things from Maggie about uncertain times. When you don't know what to do, sit still until you do know what to do or until your "owner" comes to move you. I've plunged ahead far too many times, haven't you?
If you are not sure an action is wise, sit still until you do know. If it's not smart, don't do it. I wish I'd understood this thirty years ago, too. 
Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is best traveled in your mama's (or father's) arms. There's much to be said for the comfort of your father, earthly or heavenly, especially in uncertain times. This is one I also wish I'd known. There are no prizes for total self reliance, but intimate times with our heavenly Father are their own reward. 

The next time you encounter an unfamiliar, uncertain situation, do what Maggie would do.  Sit still and wait for better understanding or help from the One who cares for all your needs.