Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Unnecessary Burden

Maggie the Wonder Dog curls up on the foot of my bed and snoozes away at night. Mornings are not her favorite (unless it's "Camp Tupelo" day), so she generally sleeps through my 5:00 am trip to the barn to feed the horses. By 5:30, she is usually ready for some snuggle time while I have quiet time. This morning, I patted my lap and invited her up, just like always. Today, however, Maggie started up, looked distressed, and sat back down.  I invited her again, and she very slowly struggled to my lap. Her delay was so unusual that I took a closer look.  Maggie's collar had somehow gotten caught in the edge of a decorative pillow and she couldn't get loose. Rather than whimper and let me know she needed help with her problem, she had opted to drag the pillow along. She was keeping her burden all to herself. How silly, and how unnecessary! I had her unhooked in a few seconds and she was soon snuggling to her heart's content.

Maggie's not the only one who drags around unnecessary burdens, is she? We all have a tendency to hang on to hurts, embrace unforgiveness or bitterness, and drag it around for years. We worry about finances, health, the future, and haul those burdens around like a ball and chain from which there is no escape. How silly and unnecessary!  Relief is available to us from the One who daily bears our burdens. He's carrying them anyway. Why would we try to carry them, too?  

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation. Selah. (Psalms 68:19 NASB)

This evening would be a good time to look at the burdens you carry. Are they necessary or do they belong in the capable hands of God?


Think about that for a while.  Think about it, then place those burdens right where they belong.  

Merry Christmas!