Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Sabbath Rain

After returning home from church, I enjoyed a quick lunch, then sat down with Maggie the Wonder Dog for a snuggle and to decide what needed to be done first.  I have a to-do list that's a mile long, and I don't want to do any of it. Well, that's not entirely true. I want it all done. I don't really mind doing it. I just don't want to tackle such a big job all at once. Of course everything needs to be done by later this week (company's coming), so I don't really have much choice. Despite how big I am on honoring the Sabbath, I had begun to think I might need to make an exception today. 

Almost all my tasks on the list begin by hauling the Christmas decorations in from the storage house. I started it yesterday, but somehow the green and red boxes seem to have been reproducing in there this year. I didn't even make a dent in the stacks! What I'm going to do with whatever is in all those boxes is not clear, so now I'm hesitant to even tackle the job. 

Here's how I envisioned this work proceeding: I would roll my wagon to the storage house, pile on a few boxes, haul them to the house, dump them in the living room, then head back for more. A ladder was an integral part of the plan.  Hauling boxes down while perched on a ladder brings back bad memories of falling peanut butter jars and broken hands, so I decided to wait for Bill the Magnificent. The most wonderful thing happened. Bill the Magnificent decided to take a Sabbath. He's just feeding livestock today. 

I piddled around a bit, then came back downstairs to start loading boxes. Can you believe it? A steady rain was falling. 
No Bill. Steady rainfall. No boxes getting moved today. No boxes getting unpacked today. No decorations going up. Can you believe it? I have been forced into a Sabbath rest after all! How wonderful is that?  Instead of working on the to-do list, I spent time resting, playing with Maggie the Wonder Dog, and reading. What a wonderful Sabbath rest I've had, courtesy of the Sabbath rain that kept me inside!

The list still needs to be done, and I still have company coming, but tomorrow I will start back rested and refreshed. I think it will make the week much easier. Tonight, I'm saying my thank you's for the pesky Sabbath rain that called a halt to my busyness and gave me the Sabbath rest I desperately needed. I hope you are rested as well. 

Have a Christ-filled week!