Thursday, December 12, 2013

Open Hands

A friend of mine stopped by recently with a wonderful gift. These open hands, she said, were a reminder to hold everything loosely, with open hands. 

That's the way we are supposed to come to God, isn't it?  When our hands are clenched, we are not only unable to release that to which we cling, but we are also unable to freely receive from God. The releasing and receiving are intricately interwoven. 

A beautifully written prayer card was nestled in the palms of the hands. 
"My Lord and My God - 
Take from my hand everything that distances me from You.
Put into my hand everything that brings me closer to You. 
I lift up my hands to You, 
That I may give my all to You."

What is it that distances you from God?  Perhaps it's time to loosen your grip, open your hands, and allow God to have it. What joy awaits when you willingly close the gap between you and our Lord!