Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maggie has an eventful ride home by Maggie the Wonder Dog Hollis

Today is my second favoritest day of the week!  It's PLAY DAY!!  My favoritest day is when my mama is off work and home with me, but play day is wonderful, too. We wake up early and I get to wear my pajamas to the barn.  After everyone is fed, I get to snuggle back in my bed for an extra snooze. You have to get up early to have time for that little second nap! When my mama is ready, she takes me to my vet's office where my friends and I meet to play. He is so nice to let us play there! We have the best time. We play inside and then we go outside and we play some more. One time, we all played so hard and got so dirty that we had to have baths before we went home! 

It was really cold when we went to the barn this morning! It was 16 degrees! My mama said, "Maggie, it is too cold to ride to play day without a coat!" Sometimes I have to wear my parka, but today my mama let me wear my pink satin housecoat! Can you believe it? I just love how it feels, so shiny and so pretty! I look like a diva dog in it, too! Don't you like looking like a diva sometimes?

I had forgotten that my mama had a surprise in the car. I have a new booster seat! It was really fun to sit in the booster seat and look out. When we were coming home, I was looking out the window and saw a sign that said, "tomatoes here".  I think tomatoes are gross, but my mama likes them, so we slowed down to see those tomatoes. You are not going to believe this, but there was the grouchiest person in the whole world in a car behind us. She started honking her horn at us! I guess she does not like tomatoes! That didn't bother us a bit. When you are looking for tomatoes for your mama, you have to keep a sharp eye out and keep looking. That lady must have gotten her horn stuck, because it just kept on honking. When she went around us, she rolled down her window and yelled at my mama! My mama said, "Maggie, don't you listen to that. She is using ugly words."  My mama doesn't like using those ugly words. I did not like her hollering at my mama one bit! I am Maggie the Wonder Dog and I am a Shih Tzu. I am not putting up with someone yelling at my mama. She must have known I was about to straighten her out, because she took off, and it's a good thing she did! She was not nice! Not nice at all. 

The rest of our ride was really nice though. I had played so hard that I was so very tired. Booster seats are great for taking naps in, so I was rested and ready for my supper when I got in. I went straight to my bowl and started eating. I was hungry! I kept hearing the squeakiest noise, and that's when I remembered. The THING! Yep. It's still here and that's all I'm saying! Otherwise I have had a lovely day, as Wonder Dogs usually do! 

Here's the Wonder Dog Lesson of the Day:
Slow down when you are looking for tomatoes. 
Do not honk. 
Do not yell ugly words at my mama! 
(My mama says don't yell ugly words at anybody, but I'm saying you better not be yelling at my mama anymore!) 
Talk nice. That's what Jesus likes you to do. Be nice. He likes that, too. 

The end. 
By Maggie the Wonder Dog Hollis