Friday, February 28, 2014

Mamie Speaks Out by Mamie Hollis, Apprentice Wonder Puppy

My name is Mamie and I am ten weeks old.  I am really just a baby, but my new mama 'dopted me a few days ago, and she asked me to be an apprentice Wonder Puppy.  I was so e'cited about being an apprentice Wonder Puppy!  I don't know what any of those words mean, but it sounds good, doesn't it? Well, I do know about puppy, because I am a puppy.  I know all about that!

Being a puppy means you have some brothers and sisters, too.  You all play together and eat together and sleep in a jumbledy pile.  It's lots of fun being a puppy!  When I got 'dopted and came to my new house, it was really e'citing because there was another big, big puppy there.  My new mama said it was not really a puppy, it's a Wonder Dog! I don't know what Wonder Dogs usually do, but this one is not as nice as I thought she would be.  She won't play chase, and she won't eat with me, and she won't feed me either (because she looks like mother did, and I thought, well, maybe... but nope.  Nothing doing there!) She won't snuggle, either!  

It is very hard being an apprentice Wonder Puppy.  I kinda wish I hadn't taken this job.  My new mama told me that God had given me to her and her to me, and we are gonna be just fine.  It sure don't look like it though.  Oh sorry.  Mama said that was s'posed to be doesn't look like it.  Anyway, no fine here.

This is what my mama told me when I was sad.  She said that people have problems with other people who don't like them for no good reason.  Sometimes, people don't like other people because their skin or hair or clothes or thoughts are different!  Can you believe that?  How dumb is that?  They should take a lesson from puppies.  We don't care about any of that silly stuff!  We just care about eating, and sleeping, and playing, and snuggling!  She said when people are not nice to her, she is supposed to pray for them and bless them.  I asked, "Does that mean you would let them play with you anyway?" and she said, "Oh, yes."  I think my mama might be part puppy.  That's what we would do, too.  

Anyway, now I have a Wonder Dog who is not nice to me, and I'm gonna do what my mama said.  I'm gonna pray for her and ask Jesus to change her heart.  (It would be really nice if you would help me pray, too.  I'm new at this, and I can use all the help I can get!) I'm gonna bless her, too.  She can even have some of my puppy food if she wants it.  

Now, my mama told me that I should help you know what to do.  Apprentice Wonder Puppies need to learn how to help with lessons.  

We should be more concerned about eating, sleeping, playing and snuggling than we are about what color someone is or their clothes, or how different they think than us.  That stuff is just dumb.  I don't think Jesus cares about what color you are, anyway.  Look at how many different colors He made. Really, the kind of thinking and doing He cares about is the kind that is like Him.  He wants us to act like Him and think like Him.  If you aren't doing that, you should get started quick.

Here's the short lesson:
Be nice to everyone.  No matter what.
Pray for Wonder Dogs.  And all the mean people, too.
We need more snuggling and more playing.  (My mama said it's okay to say that since I'm just a puppy, but it's true!)

The end.  By Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy