Monday, February 24, 2014

Maggie the Wonder Dog is Confounded by Tragedy (part 3)

Being a wonder dog is full of exciting events. This morning was especially exciting because mama took the THING away when she went to work.  I had the whole day in my kitchen all to myself! I was hoping that she was taking it away for good, but no such luck. She took it to see Dr. Black for a check up and she was carrying that THING when she got home! Boo!

My mama keeps telling me this is my new 'dopted sister but it looks like a guinea pig to me. Why would I want a guinea pig for a sister? And it chases me! And poohs in the floor sometimes. My mama does not like that! I do not see how this is going to work at all. Poohing in the floor is not for us. Wonder Dogs do not pooh in the floor. We go outside!

Here's some good news, though. My mama is still my mama and she still loves me! I am so happy. She gave me two treats just like always when she had her supper! We have snuggled on her bed, just like always. Mama doesn't let poohing guinea pigs on her bed, so I had her all to myself! Fun! And belly rubs! I got belly rubs! After all those belly rubs, I can't stay mad at mama. She is too nice!

Well, if anyone wants a poohing guinea pig, come get it. Please!! Help a Wonder Dog! 

My mama said I should give a lesson and not just whine about my supposed new 'dopted sister (Which my mama says is not supposed but is for sure, but I am not convinced!) 

Here's what you need to know: My mama still loves me even when I am not nice and am mad at her because I don't like this supposed sister business. My mama says that is how God is. He calls it unconditional love. That means He loves us no matter what! That's really good! I have never seen God, but if He loves us like my mama loves me, He's really nice. You should get to know Him. 

Here's the Wonder Dog Lesson of the day:
Guinea Pigs do not make good sisters. (My mama said not to write that but I am leaving it!)
Don't stay mad. 
Be nice to God. He loves you a lot. 

The end. By Maggie the Wonder Dog.