Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Grateful Heart: Predawn Stillness

The spring forward/fall back swap-over always confuses me, but I was determined to navigate the change successfully this year. At 5:30 pm yesterday (that pre-change time), I set my clocks back and pretended it was 4:30 pm. It didn't help. I went to bed when I was tired and awakened this morning when I was rested. At 3:44 am.

I love this predawn morning. It's a little like stepping outside into a creation dawn. The distant noise of traffic on the interstate is silenced. The sounds of community are hushed. Man is quiet.

The breathtaking symphony of night song plays in full orchestra.

It's the sound and stillness of God, and I love it.

This is the reason I rise so early most days. 

I can hear God's silence, and it's a beautiful roar. 

As much as I hate the confused biorhythms of the time change, I love it for this one thing... the predawn hour when God fills the air with song.

It gives me a sense of that time when the earth was formless and dark. In that moment before light, the Spirit of God was moving, and creating, and changing His earth. He spoke and called out the light, separated it from the dark, pronounced it good. (Genesis 1:1-4) 

This predawn hour feels a little like the time God's light and His dark mingled in innocence. It's the most peace-filled time of my day.

As we begin a month of Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for the beginning of the day, when light and dark mingle and the earth cries out for a return of innocence.

It represents hope to me, a hope that the plans and purity of God could, once more reign. Will reign again.

Today, stop to thank God for the beginning of the day, that predawn hour when He sings in the night and calls us to the deep. Reach out to the deep and allow His plans and His purity to reign in you.

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