Thursday, November 5, 2015

Maggie Speaks Out: Wanting Eye Drops

The ever-amazing Maggie the Wonder Dog is guest blogging again today. In case you haven't met her, she's a six-year old Shih Tzu who can dance like a ballerina, sneak like a spy, and herd cows like a border collie. 

Sometimes sisters are so dumb. 

My sister, Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy, might know something about how my eye got hurt. Or she might not. (My mama made me write that, because she says I don't know for sure.) Anyway, whether she knows or not, how she's acted about my eye has been just plain dumb.

My eye was scraped bad and it hurt a lot, too. I had to have eye salve and snuggles and to be still in the dark. Mamie didn't care about the eye salve or the being still, but she didn't like me getting all those snuggles. She wanted snuggles for a hurt eye, too. 

Mamie would jump up on my mama and snuggle, too. I didn't mind. Our pack snuggles together a lot. I did mind it when Mamie wanted to sit on top of my hurt eye and snuggle. That was not nice.

When I got my new eye glasses, Mamie wanted some, too. Mama let her try them on. Unfortunately, they were too big, and Mamie decided I could have them all to myself. I was hoping she's snatch them away like she snatched my little yellow duck. No such luck.

After Dr. Black gave me those eye drops, Mamie got unhappy. Mama and I got home and Mamie said, "Where have you two been and why didn't you take me?" 

"We went to see Dr. Black to get my eye checked, Mamie. You wouldn't have liked it."

"Yes, I would have. I like to go for rides. I like Dr. Black. He's cute."

"Mamie, Dr. Black rolled a Q-tip on my eyeball to see if it was dead. You wouldn't have like it."

She had to think about that. She knew about Q-tips because she got one out of the garbage and ate it. She got in trouble with Mama when she did it, too. "That doesn't sound good, Maggie, but I wanted a ride." She stuck out her lower lip and pouted. 

My mama does not like pouting. "Mamie, pouting does not look good on young ladies."

"I am not a young lady. I'm a apprentice wonder puppy and if you would hurry up and teach me some new tricks I could be a wonder dog, too. Just like Maggie."

It was not a good idea to get sassy with Mama. "Mamie, if you would learn the tricks I've taught you, instead of bouncing like Tigger, you would get some new ones."

Just when I thought Mamie was done for because she was getting so sassy, Mama said, "It's time for eye drops." 

Mamie clearly did not know about eye drops because she started jumping up and down and running in circles. "Eye drops! Eye drops!" 

Mama snuggled me in her lap, gave me a kiss, and put two drops of antibiotics in my hurt eye. They do not feel good and I don't like eye drops. Eye salve feels better, but if I am still, Mama will give me a kiss when she's done.

After I got my stinging eye drops and my kiss, I hopped down, hoping never to have eye drops again. Mamie, though, was still chanting, "Eye drops! Eye drops!" 

"Silly puppy. You don't want eye drops."

Mamie did. "Maggie has eye drops and I want them, too." When Mama wouldn't give her eye drops, Mamie started barking and wouldn't quit. Finally, Mama said, "Okay, silly puppy. I will get you some eye drops." (She didn't give her the medicine ones. She had some artificial tears drops in the medicine box.)

She snuggled Mamie, gave her a kiss, and dropped the eye drops in Mamie's eye. She was so happy. She ran around and around. "Eye drops. Eye drops. I have eye drops, too." 

I shook my head. Mamie is so dumb sometimes.

My mama says people are like that sometimes, too. They want more, more, more. If they see someone else with something (like Mamie and my eye drops) they want that, too. 

Here's what's so silly. When people get into this more, more, more mode, they buy stuff they don't need. They waste the money God gave them instead of using their money for helping others, like he told us to do.

Jesus does not like this "more" stuff. He thinks it's dumb. At His house, they use gold for gravel in the streets, but when He came to help us out down here, He had to walk on plain old dirt. He didn't care. Jesus just did what had to be done and didn't whine about it.

Here's what He said: "Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions." (Luke 12:15 nasb)

We're supposed to be content. That means to be happy with whatever God has given you and not whine about wanting more. 

My mama said I'm taking too long and to get to the point, so here's the Wonder Dog Lesson of the Day.

Be content.

If Jesus didn't give you eye drops, don't bark until you get some. 

If you're not a dog, don't just buy, buy, buy. Be happy with what you have and don't always want more. Life is not about having more stuff. Help others instead. 

The end. By Maggie the Wonder Dog.

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