Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Maggie Speaks Out: Eye Protection

The ever-amazing Maggie the Wonder Dog is guest blogging again today. In case you haven't met her, she's a six-year old Shih Tzu who can dance like a ballerina, sneak like a spy, and herd cows like a border collie. 

Yes. That's me, wearing glasses. 

I've had a tough two weeks. I had a huge corneal abrasion in my left eye and it hurt bad. Ouch. My mama said it was as big as a pencil eraser. Big. Anyway, my mama had to put eye salve in my eye. It was messy and gooey and kinda yucky, but it did make my eye feel better. It didn't make it well, though. No salve now. I have eye drops every two hours. We are busy around here.

Yesterday, I went back to see Dr. Black. He shined a light in my eye and said my hurt place is better but still not well. Thank you for praying. I hate to say this, but you need to pray some more. You have to keep going until the job is done. Don't quit now! Pray for Maggie the Wonder Dog's eye! Tell everyone.

I still have two hurt places. They're big for corneal abrasions, but not as big as an eraser, so that's good. 

Sometimes, doctors do the most unusual things. Dr. Black said, "This might be dead tissue. I need to check." Couldn't he tell I was alive? No. He took a Q-tip and rolled it over my eyeball! I was shocked. No one has ever rolled a Q-tip over my eyeball before and I hope they never do it again. 

My eye wasn't dead. (I could've told him that without the Q-tip torture.) It was a scar. I do not like scars. That is too much like scare, and scars scare me. So I need you to pray my scar gets well. Please and thank you. (My mama told me to say that.)

Now comes the shocking part. Dr. Black said dogs like me (Shih Tzu's) are prone to eye injuries and I need to be careful not to get hurt again. My mama was already on it.

Yesterday, my mama said, "You girls stay here. I'm walking to the mailbox. Your surprise might be here." When she came back with a box, I thought, "Oh, good. Jerky." It was not jerky. It was glasses. For me. Someone should talk to my mama about treats and surprises. Guinea pig sisters and glasses are not good surprises, even if the sister surprise turned out okay in the end.

It is good that my mama picked a cute style but it is not good to wear glasses. I can hardly hold my head up when I wear them and the wind can't ruffle my eyelashes. 

My mama said, "Maggie, we have to be careful with your little eyes. You don't want another hurt, do you?" I do not. Then, she started singing. She is always singing. 

"Oh, be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little eyes what you see." 

My mama told me that some humans have a little trouble protecting their eyes, too. They will look at anything. They will read anything. They will watch anything. Even if it is not nice.

Here's the rule at our house:

 If you don't want to show it to Jesus, you don't need to look at it, either. 

Mama said some people will think I've gone to meddling now, but that's okay. Eyes are very important. What goes in your eyes goes straight to your brain. When it gets in your brain, it goes straight to your heart. I think there's a song about that, too. The eye bone's connected to the brain bone. The brain bone's connected to the heart bone. Well, maybe not. But that's how it works. 

If you don't want something that is not nice getting caught in your heart and having to ask Jesus to get it out, you better not look at it, read it, or watch it. I don't have to tell you what's not nice. You know. If Jesus wouldn't like it, it's not nice.

Here's the Wonder Dog Lesson of the Day:

Protect your eyes.

That's the short version, so we can all remember. If Jesus doesn't like it, you shouldn't either. And wear your glasses. If you can hold your head up off the ground.

The end. By Maggie the Wonder Dog.
ps - Don't forget to pray about my scar! Thanks. Maggie.
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