Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sharing Secrets With God

You, like me, probably have lots of acquaintances, in addition to a few very close friends. My closest friends and I can pick up where we left off weeks ago without a hitch because we have years of history between us. Years of proven trust.

Because we have shared so much over the years, we know we can trust each other with the secrets of our heart, without fear of betrayal. That's one of the important differences between an acquaintance and a friend. Proven trust and intimacy.

King David had that kind of relationship with the Lord. He spent time in His presence and found that, over the years, a deep intimacy developed between them. In Psalm 25, he wrote about sharing secrets with God.

"The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, 
And He will make them known His covenant. 
Psalm 25:14 nasb 

The word translated as "secret" is cowd and can mean "secret" in the traditional sense of the word but, in this verse, also means the close, intimate conversation of long-time best friends. 

The word translated as "fear" is yare' and it indicates a reverential fear, awe, respect of God, rather than the abject terror we might expect.

Putting it all together, we learn that those who enter His presence with a deep and awe-filled respect for God can develop such intimacy with Him that their relationship becomes that of best friends. They can share the kind of close conversation that Moses had with God. Friend with friend. 

That kind of relationship was not reserved only for Enoch, Moses, or David. That kind of relationship is available to us, as well, but only if we are willing to spend time in God's Word, listening to what He has to say, and in His presence, worshipping at His feet.

What we can't do is live like the world and have that secret-sharing kind of intimacy with the Most High God. If we want it, we'll have to relinquish the way of the world and choose to be like Him.

I can't imagine choosing the way of the world over such intimacy with God. Over knowing His heart and His mind. Over having hints about what He plans, what He will do.

I'm reminded of the song we learned as children. "My best friend is Jesus. Love Him, love Him. My best friend is Jesus. I love Him."

There's no better friend than Jesus, so let us live in such a way that we, too, can share secrets with God.
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