Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Psalm That Made Me Laugh

My first response to reading the Psalms is not usually laughter, but, today, I laughed out loud. I had missed the imagery before. Suddenly, I could visualize it as I read.

"Men of low degree are only vanity and men of rank are a lie; 
In the balances they go up; 
They are together lighter than breath." 
Psalm 62:9 nasb

When I saw those words, I had the image of balance scales with the value of the men of low degree and the men of rank on one side. When the weights were added to the opposite side, the tray holding the value of the men flew up. 

Can you see it? 

In my mind's eye, the two types of men were flailing their arms and trying to regain their balance as the tray flew up. A look of astonishment on their faces, they wondered what had happened. Vanity and lies had convinced them of their worth. 

What a surprise to find that true value lies elsewhere.

When our lives are weighed on judgment day, our value will not be measured against other men. We will not be measured against the world's standards. We will be measured against the perfection of Jesus Christ. 

We will be found wanting.

As I write this, I see my own flailing arms and realize, all over again, that, if not for my relationship with Christ, I, too, would be "going up in the balances". 

It was the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus that made this divine balancing possible, but it was my decision to follow Christ that made it a reality. 

There were many people who stood in the crowd and listened to Jesus. Men of low degree and men of rank stood alongside all the others. There were only a few people, however, who moved from standing in the crowd to following with the few.

If we are to obey the command of Christ, we must follow Him, wherever He leads.

If we want to weigh well in the balance of life, we cling to Christ, for He alone gives us the weightiness of value. 

We'd do well to ask ourselves today where are we in the crowds around Jesus? Do we stand or do we follow? 

Let's choose now to move a few steps closer as we follow Him.
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