Friday, May 13, 2016

When God Listens

King David was in desperate straits. He described himself as "afflicted and needy". He needed help and he knew the only One who could give him that help was God Himself.

David's prayer of desperation in Psalm 86 includes a term that's interesting. 

"Incline your ear, O, Lord, and answer me; 
For I am afflicted and needy."
Psalm 86:1 nasb

The Hebrew word used here is natah and literally means to stretch out or bend down. The idea is of one who leans down to listen carefully.

The image is of a father whose young child is pulling on his clothing, tugging at the hem of the garment saying, "Listen to me, Daddy." Like any good father would do, he leans down to see what the child has to say.

When His children pray, that's what God does. He inclines His ear, leans over, stretches down to listen. He pays attention.

It's a concept I will never fully comprehend, but God, who sustains the entire universe, knows everything that happens at the exact instant that it happens. He knows our innermost thoughts. At the same time, He listens intently to the prayers of His children when they pray.

When I pray. When you pray.

Whatever our need, He listens. Whatever our words.

Imagine His delight when we tug at His hand, saying, "Listen, Daddy," and, when He leans close to hear, we tell Him, "I love you!" 

For today, let's do just that. As you beseech God with your "Listen, Daddy" plea, delight Him with our words of love. Words of thanks. Words of praise. 

He knows our needs. He wants our love. Let's give it to Him today.

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