Monday, November 18, 2013

The unexpectedly Grateful Heart - part 16. Maggie sings the blues

You are probably not going to believe this, but it is absolutely true. I looked at Maggie and said, "What am I going to write about tonight?" I've had a very wild (and not completely fun) day. I wasn't sure I had anything to write about. Maggie responded by grabbing up her little squeaky toy that makes an outrageous sound. She can play a little tune with it and she sings to it. Arrrrough!! It's very wild and hilarious. We call it "singing the blues". If she's not getting the attention she deserves, she will sing the blues, which always garners an abundance of applause. When I least expect it, just to add some spice to life, she will sing. Tonight, she was right on target.

I know I have told you a few Maggie stories, but have I told you about all the tricks she knows?  In addition to singing the blues (admittedly a stellar trick), she can sit and stay, take it or leave it, drop it (unless it is a live chicken), shake hands, high five, dance like a ballerina, walk like a lady, and sneak like a spy. Sneaking and dancing are especially cute. Oh, I almost forgot! She can roll over and she can roll over three times in a row if you tell her. I think that means she can count to three. 

Have I mentioned that Maggie can herd cows?

She has wonderful tricks, but she also has a compassionate heart. When my mother was in her final illness, Maggie would sit on the bed with her and snuggle in as needed.  She willingly confined herself to my mama's bed during those last few days, and I will always be grateful for the comfort that little fur ball provided.  

Maggie the Wonder Dog IS a wonder! Smart as a whip and cute as a button! What a combo. 

Tonight, I'm thankful for that sixth day at the beginning of earth, when God decided to make some creatures.  Cows, horses, goats, cats, and dogs.  God made them all and pronounced them good. I've spent the last twenty-four years with quite a menagerie of these good creatures, and tonight I'm especially grateful that God graced me with such a wonderful, pastoral life. Of course, I'm also grateful for Maggie the Wonder Dog!