Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Unexpectedly Grateful Heart -part 19

Today was grooming day and check-up day for Maggie the Wonder Dog. We were in line behind a man holding what I thought was a lop-eared rabbit. I'm very fond of lops (and, in fact, used to raise them, which is a story for another day) so I moved a little closer to get a better look at the bunny. I overheard the man telling the receptionist that they didn't have time for her and were thinking about finding her a new home. My first thought was, "How much time does a rabbit require?"

There was a lull in their conversation, so I leaned in to see the bunny. As I did, I realized it had a very odd nose that looked nothing at all like a bunny nose. "Oh, how cute!" I said, as I began to wonder exactly what kind a creature he was holding. "What kind is she?" I asked, hoping to get a clue from his answer. "She's a toy poodle," he said. I was speechless. I couldn't even tell it was a dog! 

This little fur ball is not a perfect fit with the lifestyle of her owners, but they love her. It may be that she needs a little more attention and they need a less high-maintenance pet. I was astonished when someone said, "if you are serious about finding her a new home, I might take her." What was the most astonishing was that the volunteer adopter was me! I reached out for the fur ball and she snuggled in. Maggie gave her a good sniffing over and seemed content. 

I'm not sure Maggie wants a sister, but that little fur ball probably needs one. For sure, she needs a second chance at a happy home. We won't know until next week, but for now Maggie the Wonder Dog and I think we may be expecting! It's exciting and scary all at the same time. 

Tonight, I'm grateful for second chances. I'm grateful for the kind of second chance the little fur ball may get, with a new and less hectic family, but also the second chance when I've totally messed up and need forgiveness. Over the years, I've needed those second chances far too often. There's something wonderful about mercy, not giving me what I deserve when I mess up, but oh the grace of a second chance that gives me so much better than I deserve! Mercy and grace. I'm thankful for them, too. 

Perhaps you've needed some second chances of your own along the way. Maybe you, like me, have needed that priceless mercy and grace. The One who dispenses both so freely deserves our thanks and praise. Let's not forget the Source of those gifts, as well as all the other blessings we enjoy, and let's be sure we offer thanks with a grateful heart. 

Happy Thanksgiving!