Saturday, November 23, 2013


My son and I have just returned to the farm from Starkville, where we attended the wedding of my nephew Ben and his new wife Emily. It's always fun to have a crowd of family around, especially for a happy occasion. This was especially joyful because Emily is an amazing young woman who is multi-talented, accomplished and successful. Even better, she loves Ben with the most
steadfast, persevering love I've ever seen. 

Instead of the usual unity candle, they had a covenant signing. In the presence of the witnesses assembled, Ben and Emily not only verbally promised a committment that could be broken only by death, but they signed a beautifully printed covenant agreement that also contained their written vows. Everyone who attended was asked to sign as witnesses and as their commitment to encourage and support the new couple. It took the sacred vows a step further by including the attendees as party to the committment. 

Dating, falling in love, getting engaged, and planning a wedding are the easy parts of the life they will have together. I hope it will all be as lovely and joy-filled as today has been. Unfortunately, the reality of relationships is that some times are better than others, and some times are just plan hard. That's why I prayed for them what the apostle Paul prayed for the Colossians: that theirs hearts would be knitted and tied together by strong cords of love. That way, their hearts will be united and it will be much harder to break their own heart in hard times. 

The minister talked about the need for Ben to treat Emily with the same sacrificial love Christ showed for the church. When marriage works like it's supposed to, people can see such a clear picture of Christ that they are drawn to Him. That's another thing I've prayed for this sweet young couple, that their love will draw many people to Jesus. 

It's a tall order for two young people, but I know that the Christ in them is up to the challenge. Tonight, I'm inviting you to join my in praying a blessing for Ben and Emily. Thy will be done, Lord, and help them stay out of Your way and right in the center of Your will. 

Come to think of it, that's what we should be praying for ourselves too!

Happy thanksgiving, dear readers!