Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unexpectedly Grateful Heart part 18

The copy of my new book arrived today and it was exciting to see my words on those pages in black and white.  It's hard to believe that those quick text messages sent as a call to morning prayer have turned into a full book. As I turned through the pages, I realized once more how much I enjoy writing. Oddly enough, I enjoy writing, even if no one is reading. When writing is combined with formatting, editing, and designing, it is my absolute favorite thing to do!

I was pondering using a story from my archives for tonight's post, so I started flipping through Dropbox files. You will not believe what I found! Even I don't really believe it. I have already written another book, called Lessons From the Harvest. It's full of farm stories and brought back such sweet memories! What fun it will be to finish formatting and bring the book all the way to publication! I really like the stories, and hope you will all enjoy them, too. 

It's funny how surprises will pop up, like the book, at the most unexpected times. Even though I wrote the book and lived the stories, they were fresh and new to me and they felt like a gift of the past, refreshing and joy-filled. Tonight I'm thankful for those expected gifts that bring such joy, the satisfaction I receive from a job well done, and the pleasure that comes from doing work I love.