Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unexpectedly grateful heart part 17

Have I mentioned how excited I am about my new book? The Road to Bethlehem is a daily devotional and prayer guide based on the first two chapters of Luke. It was written originally for a group of parents who were praying for their children, and has been reformatted as a devotional guide. Sometimes I look at the insights and think, "How did I write that?  How did I even know that?" Of course, the answer is the same as always. It was the Still Small Voice that whispers in my heart. 

It's my first e-book and is available for Kindle on Amazon. You can expect to hear more about it later. 

What I'm especially excited about is that the paperback version of The Road to Bethlehem is now available. I have boxes of books ordered, but they are not scheduled to arrive for two more weeks. As you can imagine, I really want to see my book NOW! 

I hit upon a perfect solution. I ordered my book from Amazon, and got it with Amazon prime, so there was free shipping. This sounds really crazy but the boxes of books are purchased directly from my printer, and the book I ordered from Amazon is sort of purchased from myself. Of course, Amazon can't tell that, so I had to pay myself a royalty!  That's not too bad since the buyer is paying the seller and the buyer IS the seller, but is still a little surreal.  You can tell, I'm determined to get a book in my hands. 

I hurried home from work today, expecting to find my book. No package in the mailbox. No package on my doorstep. Thanks to Amazon, I could track my package. The craziest thing happened. My book was shipped to Memphis, then shipped out to Jackson MS!! They drove right past my house to take it to Jackson (hours away) so they can bring it back to me tomorrow! That does not seem sensible to me, especially when I want to see the book tonight.  

This is my first attempt at print on demand publishing, and it's very different.  My first book took what seemed like forever to finish. There were proofs to check and paper to touch, designs to modify and approve. This modern bookmaking is totally different and very amazing. Everything can be done online and adjusted instantly. It's extremely efficient, though not nearly as artistic. It moves very quickly. Before, when the book went to the printer, I knew for sure it looked like it wanted it to look. This time, I will find out how it looks when  it arrives. 

With my first book, the boxes that arrived were anticlimactic, because I already knew what it looked like. When that book arrives tomorrow, you can bet it will be very exciting! Here's the really hard thing about tomorrow, though. I have a meeting after work! I'm going to have to anticipate all through work, then anticipate some more. 

Anticipation. It's really nice, and adds considerable spice to the waiting. It's one of the things I am grateful for today. I'm grateful for surprises, anticipation, hopes and dreams fulfilled. I'm grateful to order instantly, ship overnight, and track packages. I'm grateful for the modern conveniences that make it so much easier for me to live this wonderfully rural, country-girl life of mine. 

What are you grateful for today? What makes your life easier? What do you enjoy? Don't forget the Source of every good and perfect gift, and be sure to say thank you to the One who makes it possible. 

Happy thanksgiving!